J.G. Tate Fire Protection - Inspections

NFPA and the State of California require frequent maintenance inspections of fire protection equipment.  Maintenance inspections are invaluable in ensuring that your fire protection equipment will operate the way it was designed to, when you need it to.   J.G. Tate Fire Protection takes pride in helping keep the fire protection equipment in our community and yours up to code.  Please contact us for more information at inspections@jgtate.com.

Please see below for a list of the inspections we offer, as well as the frequencies at which they are required:

Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

  • Quarterly Inspection
  • Annual Test and Inspection
  • Five Year Certification

Gas Chemical Suppression Systems - (Restaurant Hood Systems, Fm-200, etc.)

  • Semi-Annual Test and Inspection

Fire Alarm System

  • Semi-Annual Water-flow Switch Test
  • Annual 100% System Test and Inspection

Fire Pumps

  • Weekly/Monthly Pump Run
  • Annual Flow Test

Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Lighting

  • Annual Inspection (both)
  • Six Year Breakdown (Fire Extinguishers)
  • Twelve Year Hydrostatic Test (Fire Extinguishers)
  • Monthly Inspection (both)

Fire Hydrants